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"Quality" is simply "product quality". In today's product quality is the life of the company, improving product quality has become the fundamental and development guarantee for our company's foothold in the market. The quality of the product determines the life of the product, and even the development fate of my company. Without quality, there is no market, no quality, no benefit, no quality, no development. Therefore, on the development, quality is the last word! Since the development of MASTER furniture for 15 years, the majority of the European Vaticans have never stopped pursuing the pursuit of product quality. Today, under the sponsorship and presiding of General Manager Yang of our company, MASTER conference on the quality requirements and reform of my company's products was launched.
General Yang pointed out: Improving product quality is not only a vital benefit to the development of MASTER, but also has a profound impact on society. Product or service quality is the main factor determining the quality of an enterprise, its development, its economic strength and its competitive advantage. Quality is still the most critical factor in the market. Whoever can bring users a satisfactory product or service in a flexible and fast way can win the competitive advantage of the market. An excellent enterprise, the quality of work, leadership quality and quality of employees, is reflected in the market is the quality of products. Product quality is the ultimate embodiment of corporate quality. The product naturally represents the image of the company, reflects the spirit of the company, and reflects the overall quality of the company. Product quality is the cornerstone of a company's sustainability. The cornerstone of immortality is high-quality construction. Therefore, only when enterprises grasp the quality and quality can they survive in such an economic era for a long time. Therefore, continuously improving the quality and service of our products is a basic professional principle that must be adhered to and implemented by all the staff of Ou Vatican in the future.
For the pursuit of quality, we must maintain strict quality control. We must not use similar words such as “almost”, “first”, “stubborn” and so on. .
In the future, the quality policy of MASTER will be continuously strengthened according to the following three levels proposed by the meeting:
Do not let defective products leave the factory → rely on inspection quality assurance
Do not manufacture defective products → rely on quality assurance of engineering management
Do not plan for defective products → Quality assurance by source and source management
Thank you for your long-standing trust and support for the new and old customers, and also welcome everyone to supervise the quality of MASTER products in the future.

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